Green Me

Green Me


Action | Passion | Fire

"The universal language is the picture- and sign language. We reach across all borders in order to touch , ask and respond. Through media effective movies we can sensitize all levels of the society to sustainable topics. We want to strengthen the film as a means of communication and globally present our topics on a long term basis.

Green Me acts as an open platform for exchange among our audience and partners. Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and to broaden our already widespread network.

Our local roots in Berlin is an ideal starting point for a nationwide outspread, e.g. through our cinema partners and online networks. Internationally, we are among the most firmly established in the business, with our showcases in Nigeria, Iran, France and the USA. Climb aboard and be a part of the movement."

Green Me Festivalpräsident - Nicolai Niemann

Nicolai Niemann


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